What Are Your Rates?

Events are priced based on (type of event, location, duration, travel, additional equipment etc.)

Events start at $150 per hour. There are no extra charges for setup or tear down.

This gets you the following:

  • A custom-tailored music program for your night based on YOUR tastes.

  • No extra rental or setup fees, and travel fees only for events that are more than 45 minutes 

  • At least one face-to-face meeting to discuss timeline & music tastes 

  • All equipment is professional commerical quality including multiple speaker setups & up to 4 microphones (1 lapel, 2 wireless, 1 wired)

  • Consultation on any other logistics you may have questions about

  • Constant accessibility via phone, e-mail and text 

  • Seamless timing and integration with your planner and other vendors

  • An incredibly experienced DJ who uses actual turntables & understands music can be played at a normal volume level. 

We will gladly supply speakers, music and microphones for your ceremony! Ceremony sound is billed as one full hour ($150-$250), and includes a complimentary half hour of prelude music.


What sets you apart from other wedding DJs?

A) When you book an event with Trone Productions its going to be great every single time, guaranteed. Trone Productions has a repuation for great work. We stride very hard to make sure your event is a success that is our main goal. 

B) We take an active interest in our clients! We work with all of our clients to find the level of interation that is right for their tastes so we can create a custom night of music that everyone will love, instead of just showing up and playing the same 50 songs for every gig.

C) Years of experience! Trevor (the owner) has not only been DJing for 10+ years, he also has experience on the planning and event management side of things and will work seamlessly with your wedding planners and caterers to make sure there are no hiccups in the timeline. Trevor is also highly capable of making announcements and intros without sounding cheesy or intrusive.

D) We have the right equipment for the event were working on. We use only professional commercial equipment & bring backup equipment to every event. Using the newest technology available with turntables & laptops we make your event unforgettable. 


What kind of music do you play?

Everything! One of the things at Trone Productions is we pride ourselves most on is our versatility. Trevor was brought up on a wide variety of music from Classical, Funk and Soul, Oldies and Classic Rock to New Wave, 80's, Early Alternative and 80's and 90's Hip Hop, House, etc. This alone gives him an incredible depth of knowledge when it comes to hand picking music for each gig.  

Furthermore, we have over 15,000 songs and counting in our music library, making us 100% prepared for every situation. The other BIG difference between Trone Productions and other DJ companies is what we refer to as SEAMLESS MIXING. This means that we use beatmatching and carefully placed cues to ensure that there won't be any annoying pauses in between tracks, and we will be doing everything we can to keep the dance floor fresh and energized throughout the entire evening. For us every event is unique & completely different. Your in complete control as to what music you want for your party, so there is no question what I will play. I only play what you want


Are you insured?

YES. We have a 1 million dollar liability policy.


Do you provide lighting?

Trone Productions has dance-floor lighting that will cover most the events we are doing. However Trone Productions is a professional dj service & feel that most dj lighting trends are based on the clients wants and needs. We leave the real lighting (monograms, pin spots, up-lighting, par can, truss, pipe, drape etc) to professional lighting companies. HOWEVER we are more than happy to look into the possibilities if you would like to have some lights for your event that go beyond what we normally offer.


How interactive are you with the guests?

As much or as little as you would like us to be. We tend not to be the show-stealing gameshow-host MCs that tarnish or draw attention away from your special day. However we will be happy to announce the wedding party, give cues when it’s time to sit for dinner, introduce speeches and generally assist in making sure the night goes along smoothly and according to schedule. We will also work with your wedding planner or venue/catering

manager to make sure that everything is happening as planned. 


Who Will Our DJ Be? How Many Events Do You Do Per Night?

Unless directly specified in response to your initial inquiry, Trevor (Trone) is your man. If you're booking with Trone Productions you will get the promise that we will never over book another gig that conflicts your date and ensure that each individual client receives 100% of our attention on their day. We have never had to cancel due to sickness, or switch out a DJ at the last minute, but should the unthinkable happen we DO have a wealth of talented backup DJs that can come to the rescue in a pinch. Trevor prepares for every gig far in advance so that anything that could potentially go wrong, does not.


Are you LGBT friendly?  

 Yes, We pride ourselves at Trone Productions to be supportive of Equal Rights to Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual and Transgenders. We do not descriminate on religion, sex, race, ethnicity or other preferences we accept all human beings.  


How do we book you? How much do you require for a deposit?

If the date is available on our end and it looks like a good fit, we'll send you a very standard contract to print out and review. Once you fill it out in it's entirety and sign the front page, you can either mail it to the address listed on the front of the contract, or scan and e-mail it to us. WE REQUIRE A 20%-50% DEPOSIT TO CONFIRM ALL BOOKINGS. That generally works out to between $200-$1000, which can either be sent in by personal check with the contract, electronically via Paypal or Cash Payment. The balance is due no later than the day of the event, preferably by check. Credit card payments are accepted through approved vendors only.


Do you require a meal? Do you drink alcohol while DJing?

We are very thankful when our clients provide a hot meal for us the night of the event. Regarding alcohol Trone Production's policy is to always stay 100% sober during any & all events. Trevor may accept a glass of wine for toasting later on in the night if the bride and groom offer it, but generally a pitcher of water and a cup of tea or coffee is all he'll be drinking throughout the event.


How early do you typically arrive for an event?

Generally it's our practice to plan to arrive 2-3 hours before the start time of each event. This is significantly more time than it takes us to load in and set up (usually about one forty-five - hour & thirty minutes), but we like to plan for any unexpected hiccups in traffic or lines at the freight elevator. We do ask that the venue allow us access the day of 2 hours before the start time of the event. 


Do You Offer Military Discounts?

Yes, Thank you for serving. Trone Productions offers Military Discounts to the active duty military men & women of all United States Branches. Must have a valid Military I.D. Call us for more details. 


Do You Offer Police, Fire, & EMT Discounts?

Yes. Trone Productions offers Police, Fire, & EMT to the active duty men & women serving & protecting our communities making them a better place, Thank you. Must have a Valid ID. Call us for more details


What Is Your Cancelation Policy?

Any cancellation of the contract will require 50% of the contracted amount to be paid in full upon cancelling. Any cancellation of the contract within 100 days of your event date will require the balance to be paid in full upon canceling. Any cancelation must be communicated & made in writing, sent to 14925 SW BARROWS RD STE 109 #512 BEAVERTON, OR 97007

Any events booked within 30 days of your event will require the contracted amount be paid in full upon booking. Any payment received is non refundable. Any cancellation of the contract within the 30 days of your event date must be communicated & made in writing, sent to 14925 SW BARROWS RD STE 109 #512 BEAVERTON, OR 97007


Any questions not listed here? Please contact us